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Skin cancer prevention (checking the birthmarks)

(9.4.2024 08:58, IP: 86.49.xxx.xxx)

Hello! I would like to register for a preventive skin examination (specifically of birthmarks that I have). I am a client of OZP and was addressed to your clinic for this examination. Do you have any possible dates when I could visit your clinic for this check-up?


  • Re: Skin cancer prevention (checking the birthmarks)

    MUDr. David Štěpán, STEPAN-PLASTIKA.cz (9.4.2024 15:34)

    Dear Olivia!
    To schedule date and time of birthmarks examination is possible online only.
    Look on the www.stepan-plastika.cz/rezervace . But I am sorry, no free places until 30.4.2024. At 23.4.2024 a nurse release ( write) on this web page new dates for following time ( next month). Be careful, this new free dates will be occupied soon.
    David STEPAN


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