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Liposuction Armpit

(4.8.2020 16:21, IP: 109.81.xxx.xxx)


I would like to know if its possible to make a kind of liposuction only in one armpit? I have an extra "fat" that doesnt actually disappears.

thank you,


  • Re: Liposuction Armpit

    MUDr. David Štěpán, STEPAN-PLASTIKA.cz (4.8.2020 17:43)

    I am sorry, but I can´t answer you without the personal examination/ consultation. Call directly to me (+420 603 246 596) after 16.8., to schedule an appointment for examination/ consultation. I am on the holyday until this time. The best would be to call 17.or 18. of August between 8 to 12 oćlock. The best of all would be to call every time after 16.8. on +420 549 240 048 or +420 734 253 557 but you will speak to my nurses and they speak English by a little only. If you have somebody, who speaks Czech, than this way is simpler.
    Sincerely David STEPAN M.D.


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