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Fat transfer

(31.5.2021 00:27, IP: 94.112.xxx.xxx)

Hello. I am 36 years old boy living in Czech. Last year i did fat transfer under eyes and jaw angle. It is partly absorbed.
i need recharge fat transfer to under eyes and jaw angles. Also i need a minor double chin liposuction.
Can i ask the total price please?


  • Re: Fat transfer

    MUDr. David Štěpán, STEPAN-PLASTIKA.cz (2.6.2021 13:18)

    I am sorry, but I never do fat transfer uder eyes. The price for Fat transfer under Jaw angels is 9 000 CZK. The price for minor double chin liposuction is 14 400 CZK. I strongly recommend to schedule an appointment before for consultation of surgery. Sincerely David STEPAN M.D.


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