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(10.10.2016, 10:22, IP:

Dear Doctor, We are foreigner but live in Brno since 3 years. Our daughter aged 15 has very prominent ears and she is more and more complexed. She would like to do an otoplasty. Do you think it's possible? Does health insurance pay this surgery? If no what is the price for 2 ears please ? Thank you very much in advance Best regards Mr and Mrs Lemaitre

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    MUDr. David Štěpán (11.10.2016, 15:47, IP:

    This kind of surgery we do. The best way is to start with appointment for examination/ consultation of surgery. I tell you and your daughter what is necessary to know. To schedule an appointment by telephone possible only, but the nurses don´t speak English. Send me please your tel. No or call tom me (best on Thursday, Friday, 8-16 o’clock) . Sincerely David STEPAN M.D.( my tel. No 603 246 596)


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