Plastic surgeries

Price list of procedures

It is necessary to make an appointment for a consultation or procedure on:
+420 549 240 048.

Name of the procedure Euro
Consultation 40
Ambulante Eingriffe:
Surgical excision of formations on head, face and neck (every other) 40 (25)
Surgical excision of formations on body (every other) 35 (25)
Botox – one location 120
Facial fillers - injectables Restylane, Theosial – one dose 1 ml 350
Fat Implantation into wrinkles ( harvesting 400, implantation 1 region 150) 550
Laser treatment – depends on extent of skin 30-700
Eyelid correction upper/lower/combined 550/600/1 000
Correction of protruding ears -both/one auricle 450/650
Outpatient liposuction under local anesthesia – price for one location, plus extra 80 Euro for one liter of liposuction solution 680
Liposuction in local anesthesia- Outpatient Surgery, price for 1 location,  500-600
Nipple inversion surgery Correction of 1 side 400
Labioplasty 600
Sclerotherapy of spider veins/varixes – depends on the extent 100/300
Procedures requiring hospitalisation and general anaesthesia:
Breast implant augmentation (implants, anaesthesia, 2 nights hospitalization included) 2 890
Breast reshaping (approximately, anaesthesia, 2 nights hospitalization included) 2 090
Breast reduction (approximately, anaesthesia, 2 nights hospitalization included) 2 300
Abdominoplasty (approximately, anaesthesia, 4 nights hospitalization included) 2 300
Facelifting + SMAS (approximately, anaesthesia, 3 days hospitalization included) 2 250
Liposuction in general anesthesia, price for 1 location (without anest. And hospit.) 500 - 700

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