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The operation is suitable for women with large labia minora that cause troubles. It can be grazing and hurting when walking longer, when sporting, troubles while wearing certain kind of clothes, they are visible through a swimsuit or can be the obstacle while having sex. Sometimes a woman objects to attracting attention from around (e.g. in a sauna) or from a partner. Anomaly is usually bilateral.

It is possible to make an appointment for a procedure by phone on +420-603 246 596 or +420 549 240 048. I recommend making an appointment after the pre-consultation (paid). Pre-consultation is not always necessary and is always done before the procedure – more suitable for patients who do not live in Brno. If the procedure is performed to a healthy woman with no health troubles outpatiently under local anesthesia, then no examination is needed.

The principle of the operation is cutting off the excess part. Mostly, I perform this procedure outpatiently under local anesthesia. It is also possible to use general anesthesia too. In this case a pre-operation examination is necessary so the procedure is more expensive. Extension of the cut-off is marked on the skin (we can agree on it) then the labia are anaesthetized with the injection of local anesthesia. This phase of the operation is painful but it lasts about 20 seconds. Excess skin is removed, bleeding is stopped and the mucosa is stitched with absorbing stitches that do not remove.

Bleeding can complicate post-operative development, which is not profuse, a treatment is not necessary and it is treated like menstrual bleeding. Labia are mostly quite swollen and slightly painful. With regard to the swelling, the look of the vaginal entrance is changed, labia look completely different and this look has nothing to do with the final result. Swelling and pain subside after a week or 10 days.

Considering the fact that the operation is performed in a part where it is difficult to keep the sterility, the post-operative development is complicated with infection and breakdown of the edges of the cut very often. Insignificant healing complications of the cut, which do not necessitate any special treatment, are very frequent after the operation. A danger of more serious complications of the healing like a breakdown of the edges of the cut with a painful infection are possible to eliminate by optimal treatment mainly.

Post-operative care:

Post-operative care is easy and the patient provides it by herself. Enhanced hygiene, having shower with use of soap or shampoo. Wash the parts with a disinfectant solution twice a day – you will get it after the operation. Put sterile gauze into your knickers and after sanitary pads or pant liners.

Check-ups after the operation are not necessary if the development is normal though it is appropriate to come for a check-up after a week and after 14 days. To come for a check-up after 3 months is appropriate for final evaluation of the result. From later on complications it is necessary to mention a formation of keloid or hypertrophic scars. This risk is lower than 1% and the state can be solved with a special treatment for scars like these.

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