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With the advance of age the sagging of upper and lower eyelid skin appears. Fat pads, which are sometimes filled with fatty corpuscles called bags, are formed. More frequent are under-eye bags on lower lids. It is necessary to differentiate them from swellings. Swelling-based bags disappear. Fatty corpuscle-based bags – the fat prolapses don’t disappear and hardly change. Sagging skin – drooping skin surplus can be so large sometimes that might be sight obstructing and limiting the field of view. This procedure means a light organism load.

Who is the procedure suitable for

Symptoms mentioned above starts forming after the age of 30, but rarely the surgery is done before the age of 35. There are few men and women who underwent the surgery after the age of 45 without a strong result lasting for 7-12 years. Surgery can be repeated but it is not recommended to undergo the surgery more than twice in your life.

Before the operation, consultations, setting the date of the operation

There should be a consultation before the operation for which it is necessary to make an appointment in advance by telephone. If it is a problem for you to come for a consultation, it is possible to do the consultation by sending your photos (concerns mainly upper eyelid surgery) via e-mail on info(zavinac) or you can directly make a date of the procedure. Then a consultation is done just before the procedure. Both ways mean taking a risk of misunderstanding and they are emergency solutions.

With a healthy person there is no need of special preparation and examination for the operation. 14 days before the procedure it is not good to take any medicine containing acetylsalicylic acid (Acylpyrin, Anopyrin). Patients who take anti-coagulants are to be considered carefully. It is not suitable to undergo the operation 3 days before and after beginning of menses. Operation can be performed during the whole year.

If the operation date isn’t set within the consultation, it is possible to do so by telephone. A deposit is to be paid for a date reservation.

How the procedure is performed

The procedure is mostly performed outpatiently under local anesthesia. It is not suitable to undergo the procedure thirsty and hungry. Except for the injection, the performance is completely painless, without any difficulties and lasts for about 1 hour with upper eyelids and 2 hours with lower eyelids. Excess eyelid skin removal and in well-founded cases also fatty corpuscle removal is the principle of the procedure. Scars are located in fold lines above upper eyelid and closely below the line of eyelashes. It is necessary to arrange a lift home after the operation is completed or stay over till the next day.

Post-operative treatment and recommendations

Almost every time after the operation the bruises are formed some can be dark blue all around the eye. Bruises gradually disappear, usually after 14 days. After 14 days your eyes don’t look quite natural and this state can be compared to the eye irritation like eg conjunctivitis. Mainly in the first post-operative hours the quiet is very important for the prevention of bruising-haematomas, swellings and also for a smooth process of healing. Therefore, after the operation, have 48 hours-quiet with your eyes closed most of the time. In this period of time cold compresses, which you get after the operation, are put on eyes. The cold compresses will be shown and explained to you how to prepare them. You will also get all the equipment for post-operative treatment. Swellings can be asymmetric which sometimes leads to temporarily asymmetric location of the scars. Acute complications of the operation are very rare. On the 5th-7th day after the operation the stitches are removed.

If you can afford to come to work with bruising, then it is possible to do so on the 5th day after the operation (on the 3rd day with some difficulties) otherwise you should count on 14 days social life-limitation because of haematomas.

Around the 10th day after the operation the scars can start to contract and harden. It is normal phase of the process, which ends by itself after a certain period of time. This period can be shortened by massage and using special silicon-containing creams for scars.

Risks of the operation

The most serious complication on the lower eyelids is the forming of ectropia – it is a state when the skin pulls the eyelid, so the eyelid can’t be closed well. Important prevention is to follow the rules of relative quiet. The state is slowly improved by massages and other restrictions. The next complication is the formation of the organized heamatoma in hypodermis. This haematoms is always soaked up but it can markedly prolong the time of healing. In this case the hecatomb is appropriate to be drained off. Other risks like infection, healing disorders and others are not frequent but may appear like with any other cut.

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