Plastic surgeries


Thinking about the operation should start with a consultation.

Due to organizational reasons it is better to make an appointment for a consultation or a procedure by telephone on +420 549 240 048 – in Czech only ( for English +420-603 246 596, or e-mail:

Dr. David Štěpán During the consultation you will get all information you need for making a decision, if the procedure meets your expectations.

In extreme cases, foreigners and clients who live far away can send photos via internet and after do the consultation by telephone or e-mail. Distance consultation is always connected to a risk that before a procedure a fact might appear which unexpectedly complicate the performance.

Before the procedure itself there is always a short consultation done again every time.

The date of the procedure is possible to set up during the consultation or anytime later by telephone. The date is valid and it is binding after paying the deposit.

If the operation is refused by patient, cancellation conditions can be invoked – disadvantage of "distance consultation".

If you have any questions or suggests, contact us by e-mail, phone or by on-line contact form. contact form.

You can also take a look into our guest book, if a relative question has been answered yet, or you can pose it yourself. We will answer your questions with pleasure.

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