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There are 3 cosmetic operations on the breasts that are most frequently performed. Breast implant – augmentation, Decreasing breast size – reduction and Breast modeling. The difference between breast reduction and breast modeling consists in “stretching” the skin within breast modeling. The size – volume is not changed. Excess loose skin is removed. During the reduction the skin as well as fat and gland tissue are removed – breasts get smaller in volume and lightens. Following text gives information only on Increasing breast size – augmentation.

The principle of the operation is to insert the implants into breasts. It is not true that the implants are necessary to be changed after several years. If you don’t have any troubles, the implants can stay in your body all your life. However it is a foreign body and even if it is well tolerated by organism, it is necessary to count on removing or changing the implant because of different reasons. Common recommended mammography check-ups are necessary even with implants.

Who is the procedure suitable for

The most appropriate candidate is a woman with small breasts after the last pregnancy whose breast skin is not too loose. If the operation is performed before the pregnancy, the breast skin might loosen and the eventual repetition of the operation is more complicated. In case of a loose breast skin it can be difficult to get optimal result without breast modeling at the same time. The considering of these facts is strictly individual and different with every woman of all age.

Before the operation, consultations, setting the date of the operation

Thinking about the operation should start with a consultation. You should leave the consultation with all information that you need for making a decision about the procedure. Consultation, post-operative treatment and check-ups are provided by Dr Štěpán at his workplace at Podpěrova 6, 621 Brno (entrance from the terrace above Billa supermarket). Due to organizational reasons it is possible to make an appointment for a consultation or a procedure by telephone on +420 603 246 596 (or+420 549 240 048 in Czech language only). The operation as well as the other operations that necessitate general anesthesia and hospitalization are performed by Dr Štěpán at BODY Clinic, Údolní 8a, 602 00 Brno, telephone +420-549213660.

If you decide for an operation it is necessary to set up the date preferably via a secretary of BODY Clinic. The secretary will also agree with you on when and how you want to pay the deposit for the reservation of your date for the operation. The date of the operation shouldn’t be set just before menses or during the first days of menses.

The operation is done under general anaesthesia and therefore an internal pre-operation examination is necessary. Your general practitioner can do that or it can be done on the same day before the operation for a fee at BODY Clinic (if you are healthy and you don’t undergo any medical treatment). For the operation you must bring a mammlogical report, which explicitly says, "breasts are healthy and a doctor has nothing against breast enhancement operation by means of implants".

How the procedure is performed

Under general anesthesia implants are inserted into a cavity under a pectoralis or under a mammary gland. In came cases a combined insertion is appropriate – partially under the gland and partially under the pectoralis or a muscle fascia. The choice of an optimal implant insertion is a complicated question requiring an experience and a doctor should decide about it. With some restrictions a patient can choose the size and shape of the implant.

For insertion of implants a 5cm long cut is needed. In most cases you can choose its location. In my opinion the most advantageous cut is in the armpit in visual point of view. Thereinafter it is possible to make a cut in a fold under the breast or on an interface between a skin and a breast areola.

The choice of implants is done during the consultation. Implants always have a silicone case. The filling can be of cohesive silicone (doesn’t leak if ruptured) or physiological solution (rarely used). Implants are shaped like sphere or like anatomical "teardrop". The volume size of the implants is from 120ml up to 950ml. A size and a shape of the implant are always chosen during a consultation before the operation. It depends on the breast shape and a wish of the patient. Some women can choose the implant without any restrictions but for the other a choice can be restricted. In complicated cases an approximate size of the implant is agreed on with the patient and the most advantageous implant is tried out during the operation.

Post-operative treatment and recommendations

During the operation you will get a special elastic bra or belt. The way of modeling (a belt/bra) depends on the used operative method. A belt prevents implant from moving upwards and a bra vice-versa. After the operation you will have drains. Drains are little tubes through which the bleeding or produced secretion is drained away. Drains are necessary to be left so long unless the secretion, which is measured, drops down under a certain limit. This period moves between 2 – 5 days.
Considering the treatment, it is advantageous to stay at the clinic during this time.

Implants insertion under pectoralis is connected to pain during first 3 day. You will naturally get painkillers at the clinic.

Approximate time of work disability is about 14 days. A period of wearing special compression garments is strictly individual. Most often it lasts 3 weeks and after you put off the garments gradually, at first for a few hours per day and after you only sleep with the garments before you put it off completely.

Risks of the operation

The operation is connected with general risks of all surgical procedures. These risks are: infection, bleeding, pulmonary embolism, allergic reactions, vein thrombosis and others.

Risks connected exactly with this operation are: blood accumulation or exudation in a cavity implant, infection in a cavity implant, failure to reach optimal result of the operation, asymmetry of the implant insertion, failure to keep the optimal location of implant insertion got within the operation, forming of "capsule"- a hard fibrous case around the implant.

Patients who underwent breast implant augmentation can’t undergo diathermy (e.g. heating of livers in the scope of spa treatment). Extreme heating of the implant and internal burns resulting in an implant rupture might occur.

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