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Not every suspicious dermal formation is dangerous and a surgical removal is necessary. Often it is not easy to evaluate the level of a risk exposure. The most modern and reliable examination of dermal pigmentation is digital alias computer dermatoscopy (except for a cut-out with histology).

The outpatient clinic is equipped with one of the few computer dermatoscopes in the Czech Republic.

Due to a video camera working with a special light, which streams into a certain depth under the dermal surface, it is possible to evaluate even deeper layers of suspicious dermal formations than by naked eye. The doctor can see more exact depth images of the suspicious formation and a computer due to a digital record can analyze the formation precisely. There are 100 000 various abnormal dermal formations saved in the memory of the computer that the computer compares with the evaluated object and its digitally detected parameters. That enables the doctor to make diagnosis and recommend the way of treatment. Experienced dermatologists, who specialize in this field, operate the device.

Only Industrial Health Insurance Company in the scope of its prevention program 2007 covers computer dermatoscope examination. Otherwise the examination costs 500 CZK and it is necessary to make an appointment by telephone at the Plastic Surgery Outpatient Clinic +420 549 240 048.

If necessary, a plastic surgeon can remove the suspicious or cosmetically obstructing dermal formation with the minimum of scars and with histology examination.

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